Rhône En Primeur Now Open

Rhône En Primeur Now Open

The Southern Rhône

The Southern Rhône has delivered an exceptional vintage regarded by some as the best since 1990 or even 1978. The overall quality and health of grapes being brought to the wineries was almost unheard of. There was on occasion some Gr- enache affected by coulure and when it happened, this reduced the yields .

The wines are generally rich, really ripe but without excessive warmth caused by the heat wave that marked most 2007s and 2009s.The key to this vintage is that even though there was drought and extremely high temperatures, the nights were extremely cool and helped to preserve acidities.

2016 is a vintage where there was no need to seek colour intensity through unnecessary long extractions. Most wines that we tasted during our trip there seemed to be extremely well balanced and intensely expressive with youthful nuclear levels of fruit.

The best cuvées and wines even if showing good density and intense fruit maturity, already display a balletic elegance thanks to high level of freshness brought by crisp and vivid acidities. 2016 was a vintage where phenolic maturity and tech- nological ripeness was reached simultaneously

The Northern Rhône

The best reds epitomize nesse and elegance. St Joseph has been able to produce the most homogenous wines in both colours. Côte Rotie will surprise most of us with some outstanding Grande Cuvée requiring time and patience to reward those who can afford to wait at least 15 years! The only slight negative point about 2016 is that volume was higher than anticipated, bringing on occasion some dilution in the wines. Higher yields has however allowed to produce wines whose ABV are generally lower and more moderate and has therefore put the focus on freshness and nesse.

Olivier Marie, Genesis Wines

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Why Buy En Primeur?

‘En Primeur’ offers are essentially the ‘ rst offering’ of the wines when they are yet to be bottled at the winery.

Wines are offered at an in bond price, i.e. excluding duty and VAT, all of which become payable if the wine is delivered duty paid.Wines can be delivered in bond to an account at a bonded warehouse, without having to pay duty and VAT.

The essential bene t of buying En Primeur is to secure sought-after wines that are often hard to nd later and at a price that is expected to be less than their market value once available.

The Offer

- Prices are quoted in bond UK per case of 6 x 75cl, unless otherwise stated.
- Payment is due on con rmation of order.
- White wines will be shipped spring 2018, red wines will be shipped autumn 2018.
- Orders for customers that have requested delivery to UK bonded warehouses will be delivered as soon as the wines are landed in the UK, unless otherwise advised in writing.
- Orders for delivery to private addresses or outside of a bonded warehouse will be charged for duty andVAT at the prevailing rate when the wines are released for delivery.

This offer opens on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017 at 5pm and closes Friday the 8th December 2017 at 5pm.